Hello!! Again.. I know this page looks complately messy and ugly but hey! I'm still improving on it.

I'm still not sure about my page designs and I didnt planned anything. I just make things up as I go along. Anyways!! I know nobody is going to see this but I really want to update here often as I can.

My name is Nil/Nils. I like drawing and surfing on the internet. Internet/WEB is a very strange place to me. I really enjoy learning new things and expend my knowladge. I like creating new things too but I'm really lazy to finish them :( or I give up very easily. I LOVE playing videogames. I started to play dungeon/rpg types more often lately. My favorite games are Pathologic and Darkest Dungeon for now. I really like Fear & Hunger too but I havent finished it yet. I ALSO PLAY CHIVALRY!! Its such an amazing game. I REALLLLLLY LIKE MEDIVIAL KNIGHTS. (Their helmets are amazing!! My personal favorite is bascinet type, it looks super duper goofy :9)

My future goals are mostly about learning coding and programming. I want to make a game with my friend too. Well Im really exited about that! I would like to share some things about it at here in the future too. I have a lot of things to learn. That scares me a lot but I will get through it in time I suppose??

I like collecting weird obscure things plus dvds/cds! I also like obscure games! Theyre fun. I spend most of my time alone, I dont like social activities that much :( I sound like a big geek I know. Okay thats enough for now! I will edit here later.